New dates for the EMF EURO

The EMF EURO 2022 will take place in Košice, Slovakia from 4th to 11th of June, 2022.

«EMF is thrilled to announce the new dates of the EURO to be held in the period 04-11 June 2022. We will connect the continent through minifootball in a time considered to be safe when all the attendees and spectators might be able to enjoy utmost Kosice, Slovakia. It will show that in Europe we are all united, we are all friends and walking confidently ahead together. Minifootball is about fellowship, good values, different cultures, and uniting.» – Borislav Aleksandrov, the EMF President.

The LOC, together with EMF EC, is working hard for the organization of the best minifootball event in the history of our sport in order to provide the teams and the public with an unforgettable experience and to satisfy expectations.

«We wanted to announce the new date as soon as possible after the postponing. We believe that in June we will welcome great EMF EURO and all the participants and fans will enjoy not just the event itself, but also Kosice and Slovakia. I would like to express gratitude for the support of our sponsors, City of Kosice and also Ministry of Sport. I believe that together with national associations across Europe we will create an excellent event with unforgettable atmosphere.» – Peter Kralik, the Head of the LOC.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time and we look forward to meeting you in Košice in 2022!