Branislav Škorec ends as the head coach of the Slovak national team

Branislav Škorec and the executive committee of Slovak Minifootball Association came to a mutual agreement to end his contract. Škorec replaced Ladislav Borbély as a head coach in October 2022, signing a contract until the end of 2023.

During his time as the head of the Slovak national team, Slovakia finished third at the very well-attended EMF Nations Games in Galanta (SVK) in May of this year, where, among other things, he managed to beat the current World champions from Romania twice.

The highlight of this year was the WMF World Cup at the end of October, where Slovakia finished seventh. Slovakia advanced from the group stage (Group F) where they faced England, France and Albania. Slovakia then beat Montenegro 5:2 in round of 16. In quarterfinals Slovakia lost to Hungary 0:1.

Peter Králik (president of Slovak minifootball association): “I would like to thank Branislav for his professional approach throughout the duration of his contract. Third place at the EMF Nations Games and seventh place at the WMF World Cup are very good results for Slovakia. He deserves a lot of appreciation and we are grateful for the work he has done. Last week we agreed not to extend our cooperation after careful consideration during analysis and report from WMF WC. I would like to thank the whole crew around our team as they will not continue to work with the national team. I believe that we will introduce a new head coach by the end of this year as there are undergoing negotiations with potential candidates.”

Branislav Škorec (former head coach of Slovak national minifootball team): “I would like to thank Peter Králik and the entire Slovak Minifootball Association for the opportunity to lead the Slovak national team in minifootball. It was a great honor for me and I approached my tasks with maximum commitment and determination the entire time. I believe I will use the experience I gained during my time with Slovak national team in the future. I wish the new coach a lot of success and I believe that he will go further than quarterfinals in international tournaments such as EMF Euro and WMF World Cup.”