Visit of the EMF EURO 2024 location

The EMF side visit regarding the EMF EURO 2024 was conducted on 20.12.2023 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The team consist of the project manager and the EMF EURO 2024 supervisor Juraj Králik, EMF executive committee member Peter Králik, president of Mininogometna udruga BiH Elvin Blažević and vice president of Mininogometna udruga BiH Ervin Blažević.

The main goal of this meeting was to check the location and to meet city representatives, partners and main suppliers as well. The team visited a beautiful Sarajevo City Hall – Vijećnica where will EMF EURO 2024 draw take a place. Srdjan Mandić, district Municipality Centar the Mayor stated that EMF EURO 2024 is a fully supported event by city representatives. The team also visited and inspected Skenderija Cultural and Sports Centrethe hall where will all the magic during EMF EURO 2024 happen. It´s one of the most known landmarks of modern Sarajevo.

Sarajevo City Hall – Vijećnica

During the stay in Sarajevo, the team met New Event Agency – the agency which is responsible for an organization of the event, its promotion, group stage draw, opening and closing ceremony. Dialogues were between minifootball representatives and owner of New Event Agency Nedžad Tucaković and New Event Agency event manager Azra Salanović. General supplier for artificial turf installation and construction work is Bosman Company.

Meeting with New Event Agency
Meeting with Bosman Company

“We spent together with local organizing committee 3 days in Sarajevo, we visited the hotel where all the national teams will stay and also the place for the draw ceremony. Also we had productive meeting with mayor of Sarajevo canton Mr. Mandić and couple of meetings with important suppliers. I would say we had a really productive time in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I have no doubts that we are going to experience wonderful EMF EURO 2024. Special thanks to brothers Blazevic for the hospitality and congratulation for a great job so far” said Peter Králik, EMF executive committee member.

Hotel Europe (Sarajevo) - Wikipedia
All of the participants will be accommodated in Hotel Europe