Yuriy Melnyk: “My main goal is to win”

The head of the media service of the WMF World Cup U23 and WWC, Yevhen Sakhansky, met over a coffee with the head coach of the Ukrainian Minifootball national youth team, Yuriy Melnyk, and asked the coach several questions. You can find out how the charismatic coach answered below:

– What are the difficulties in selecting and forming the U23 national Minifootball team of Ukraine?

– Given that this project is not systematic, difficulties will arise at each stage of composition. The process of selection and formation of the U23 Minifootball team will consist of 2 stages. The first is the Ukrainian championship itself will be held in 4 zones. The initial monitoring of candidates will be conducted there. As promised by the organizers, I will receive enough relevant information and videos to analyze the candidates. The second is an additional selection that will allow all interested young players to get a place in the national team. Realizing that there will be many candidates and the roaster of the national team will consist of 15 players, the competition will be great. It will be the main problem of selecting and forming the roaster, but any problem can be turned into an opportunity…

– What are the tasks for the team?

– The slogan of this team is “Play beautifully – always win”))). My main goal is to win, but I want to help players realize the level of the U23 Minifootball team and prepare players for the national team.

– What are the main criteria for a player you see as the most important for the 6-a-side football. Are there any criteria that can prevent a player from “playing” in the youth national team of Melnyk?

– If you take the criteria in the game, it is – versatility (ability to play in any position, defense-attack; adaptability to different styles of play), physical and technical readiness, and tactical preparedness. If you are asking about human criteria, it is the desire to learn and the desire to develop.

– Will there be any quotas and restrictions for teams and regions? Will Melnyk “look at the player’s passport” and start with the resident permit choosing players?

– There will be no quotas for the regions. My principle is to play better (according to the criteria mentioned above). I want the U23 national team not to be the Kyiv national team! Your Passport does not matter. As for the age restrictions, players must have between 17-23 years.

– Will the young players of your club have preferential conditions for selection and training? 

– Although I am the FC Agromat coach, and the team includes players who could potentially become members of the national team, the place for them will not be guaranteed. I can also add, as a coach, I want to see more young players who can potentially strengthen FC Agromat.

– As a youth coach, victory is acceptable at any cost, are there any compromises for this team in August?

– The team has tasks, but I don’t want to tell you. For me, victory is a process that is built on specific criteria. “At any cost” – there is no such criteria! The main factor is the optimal form of players.