EMF EXCO member: creating opportunities for women in sports leadership enhances innovation

Elizaveta Kuzenkova, executive committee member of the European Minifootball Federation, believes that female sports managers can make a significant contribution to the development of walking sports. “Women’s involvement in sport governance and administration is empowering them individually and paving the way for greater gender balance and equality within the sports industry. By creating opportunities for women in sports leadership positions, the potential for innovation and progress in the world of sports is significantly enhanced.”

As the ATHENA project, co-funded by the European Union is being developed by EMF, Kuzenkova also added her view of the development of walking football within the federation: “Walking sports provides numerous benefits for the elderly population, including improved cardiovascular fitness, enhanced balance and coordination, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. Moreover, walking sports offer a social environment that fosters a sense of belonging, promoting mental well-being and combating loneliness.”