Visit of the EMF EUROCUP 2023 location

The EMF side visit regarding the EMF EUROCUP 2023 was conducted on 07.08.2023 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. The team consist of the project manager Juraj Kralik, the vice-president of the Bulgarian Association Mini Football Plamen Bojidarov and the general secretary of the EMF
Ivan Ivanov.

During today’s meeting, the team discussed on the timeline of preparations, the condition of the stadium, where the matches will be played, all the logistics for the tournament and the level of the hotels, hosting the players and organizers.

The team visited and inspected both the stadium for the tournament and the main hotel, hosting the participants.

EMF EUROCUP 2023 will be hosted by the top Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach in the period 13th-17th of September.