The Czech Minifootball Association announced the organisations new leader

After sixteen years of Filip Juda’s presidency, the Czech Minifootball Association announced the organisations new leader. The current Vice President Matěj Horn has become the head of the association for the next five years.

It was decided during Saturday’s General Assembly, where seventeen delegates attended the meeting, fourteen voted in favour of Horn, and three abstained.

“Thank you for your trust, surprisingly high for me. I am mainly concerned with the continuation of evolution in Minifootball and its activities. I perceive the function from the statutory representative’s position, and I intend to maintain transparency as much as possible, said Horn. – I see the whole mission mainly to continue the strategy Filip Juda started. Such a jump from the vice presidency was not planned, but it was a pragmatic decision not to cause cracks in the future work.”

Filip Juda resigned because he has received an offer to join international football structures as an advisor for performance and amateur football development.

“I decided to give up my candidacy for President of the Czech Miniootball Association, mainly due to time constraints. I believe that, as an advisor, I can significantly strengthen the position of Minifootball on the international scene and its status towards traditional Football at pre-agreed points of co-operation. It is another challenge for me and an important milestone, which I would like to reach in the next stage of my life after our sport has managed to develop significantly in the Czech Republic, ” – said Juda.

Pavel Majer has become the Vice President of the association.

“I want to thank you for your trust, and I can only promise that I will do my best to make everything work as it should. I also expect full co-operation with Filip. I mainly want to stabilise finances and help regional unions with subsidies,” – said Majer.

There was only one change in the five-member Board for the next five years. The General Secretary’s position will be now occupied by Petr Brejla, Executive Director of the Minifootball Super League, instead of René Pazdera.

“Thank you for the votes. The crucial point for me is that I will continue to work in the Minifootball, which I love. Sometimes I’m blinded by passion, but nothing changes for me. I believe that the Board of directors will sit down to work for the benefit not only of Czech Minifootball but that it can continue to be a flagship towards the international scene,”- added Juda.

The General Meeting also unanimously elected a new supervisory and audit committee, which will be lead by Zdeněk Dolníček and Zdeněk Burýšek. Ladislav Dinnebier will become a new member, replacing the Glass.ll