Ireland is back!

For the first time in Ireland, and possibly internationally, a competitive international Minifootball match was carried out with no referees. The Irish international 6 a side team faced off against 7 a side club Croatia Dublin at the Sports Dome in Dublin.

The game was high tempo, and high scoring, both sets of players showed a respect for each other and the game, that is not often seen. 

During the game you can see players stopping for most fouls, supporting the fouled players and, in general, a fluid game as all players respected the fact that a foul is a foul, and ignoring it doesn’t help the game.

In a time where we all depend on social media, the media and VAR to tell us what is happening in a game, it is nice to see men acting like men and sorting it out themselves in a civil and fair manner.

Thanks to both teams for making this possible, for trusting the rules and themselves.

It’s great to have the MAI back active again with their national team as the federation looks to continue to develop Minifootball throughout Ireland and hope the Irish team themselves can start climbing up the rankings soon!