Experience the biggest holiday of European Minifootball live. Tickets are on sale!

Tickets are now on sale for Minifootball fans wishing to watch the EMF EURO 2021 in Košice, Slovakia.

The ticket availability will be of interest to the Slovakian and European Minifootball community and fans, with the first portion of tickets now on sale. The first wave of the sale goes online with 10 % of the capacity of the modern Steel Arena.

Tickets can be bought via the Slovakian official ticketing portal

Don’t hesitate and save

In the first phase, a limited number of tickets go on sale so that you can buy only 10% of the capacity of the modern Steel Arena. Not only the number of tickets is limited, but also the special price. It will be valid only until July 31. Later it will increase.

At this point, you can save up to almost 40%, or when you buy a tournament ticket, you will receive access for eight days, even if you only pay for five days.

I am very happy to finally launch the pre-sale of tickets for the EMF EURO 2021. Minifootball fans can watch the best players live and at the same time support our national team on the road to successful results,” said Peter Králik, President of the Slovak Minifootball Association and adds:

“They can enjoy live sports again. I firmly believe that there will be enough people vaccinated for the championship so that we can fill the Steel Arena.”

The groups draw will be held in late July

We will know the composition of the groups in a month time. The official draw of the championship will determine the distribution of individual teams, and our players will get to know their first three opponents in the group stages.

We will specify the official date of the event and the location of the draw. We want the event to be open to the public, but this will be subject to the development of the pandemic situation.

Website is ready!

And you can browse it.

We will add more information later. Especially after the draw when we know the game schedule, team rosters and more information about participants.

You can also look forward to regular content about national teams and from behind the scenes with the local organizing team.

Not sure, whether you can travel?

It is just the first part of the ticket sale. Daily tickets will be sold later in October, so you still have enough time to see how the pandemic situation will evolve.

For fans not able to arrive in Slovakia in person, we are working on a high-quality streaming service that will enable you to be part of the EMF EURO 2021 directly from your living room and so you can experience the atmosphere wherever you are.

Who will be playing when?

The official draw will be held in July, when we will find out the group structures.

We know already that all the teams will play three matches in the first four days during the group stage with one rest day. The exact match schedule will follow after the draw.

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