The official draw will happen on 20 September

The official draw of the EMF EURO 2021 will take place on 20 September in Bratislava.

24 teams from all over Europe will be divided from 4 pots into six groups.

The Group Stage will be played from Saturday to Tuesday. Each team will play three matches for four days.

The EMF EURO draw is usually held 100 days before the championships, but due to the pandemic the EMF has decided to held the draw to a date closer to the event itself.

As EMF President Borislav Aleksandrov said:

“During a pandemic, no solution is unusual, on the contrary, it is very important to be prepared for different scenarios of the development and spread of the delta variant. This is what we are trying to do at EMF.”

Not only the players and officials are waiting for the draw itself, but also the spectators and fans, who are looking forward to the home team’s performance and the biggest minifootball event ever seen in Slovakia.

Peter Králik, chairman of the organizing committee and president of the Slovak Minifootball Association adds:

“The draw is traditionally a clear signal that the European Minifootball Championships are coming and we are all looking forward to it. Slovakia as the host country will go into the draw from the first pot and I believe that they will make good use of this advantage on home soil.”

The EMF Euro 2021 will take place in Kosice from 30 October to 6 November.