EMF Nations Games back in Slovakia

After Slovakia hosted the EMF EURO 20222 last year, we will host another important event in 2023. On May 7th and 8th, the EMF Nations Games will take place in Galanta with the participation of 6 of the leading countries of minifootball.

Slovakia host the minifootball elite

The EMF Nations Games in Galanta were also held in 2019. Back then it was the inaugural event of this type. Four national teams took part – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and England. “We kicked off the EMF Nations Games for the first time in 2019 and we didn’t know what kind of response it would get. However, it worked out perfectly. The event even caught the attention of not only Slovak media but also foreign ones. We already said that we would organise this event here again,” said Peter Králik, president of the SZMF. This time it will be a two-day event with six national teams participating.

The current European vice-champions from Romania and the bronze medal winning team from Bulgaria will come to Galanta for the EMF Nations Games 2023. Fans can also look forward to the participation of the Hungarian national team, which took 6th place at the last European Championships and 4th place at the last World Championships in Australia. Western neighbour of the host country, Austria, will also visit Galanta. Interesting will certainly be the comparison of these teams with the team of USA, who were the participants of the 8-finals at the last world championship. 

“I firmly believe that we will again popularize small football in Slovakia. I hope that as many fans as possible from all over Slovakia will find their way to Galanta. The teams that will be presented in Galanta are among the best that the minifootball scene has to offer and I believe that the sports fans will really get an amazing experience,” wished Peter Králik.

Live broadcasting

Great news for all fans of minifootball in Slovakia is that those who will not be able to visit Galanta in person will be able to watch the seven matches of the EMF Nations Games live on RTVS screens.

There will be also online live broadcasting for all the minifootball fans all around Europe and worldwide. The exact setup of how and where to watch will be announced soon…

Match schedule

Sunday (May 7th)

11:00 – 18:30 group stage matches

Monday (May 8th)

10:00 a 12:00 5th place game (double match)

13:30 semifinals game 1

15:00 semifinals game 2

16:45 bronze medal game

18:15 finals