EMF Nations Games 2024 in Slovakia

After thrilling EMF Nations Games in Montenegro, we´re heading to Galanta, Slovakia. Another chapter of the EMF Nations Games in Galanta will be from May 7th to May 8th. With a strong lineup featuring Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria, and Israel, this tournament promises to showcase the very best of European minifootball talent.

Once again in Galanta

“I am looking forward to the traditional event in Galanta. Last editions were full of great minifootball and a lot of spectators. I believe it will be the same this year. With EMF EURO 2024 coming closer, in less than a month, the teams will come with their best players and we are all excited about all the matches,” said President of the EMF and President of the Slovak Minifootball Association Peter Králik.

Galanta, a city with a minifootball tradition, is set to host some of Europe’s finest minifootball nations. Leading the peloton is the host nation, Slovakia. After last years 3rd place, it´s fair to say that they are aiming to a higher position. With a strong support from the home crowd, they are definitely a contender for a top spot.

Czechia, a well-known powerhouse in the world of minifootball, arrives with a notorious reputation and a hunger to showcase their dominance on the European stage once again. With a very rich legacy of success behind them, there are a lot of expectations from both themselves and their fans. We can expect some top-tier minifootball from the Czech national team.

After last year, Bulgaria will play in Galanta for a second time in a row. Known for their tenacity and passion on the minifootball pitch, we can expect high-level performances across the tournament. With a blend of skillful play and tactical ability, they are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Israel is definitely ready to show their potential. As a rising force in European minifootball with a reputation for their competitive spirit and never-say-die attitude, they want to shine on the international stage. It’s easy to say that they are determined to make their mark on this tournament in Galanta.

Slovakia, Czechia and Bulgaria are bringing their very best players, and they are among the top teams. Israel is also highly competitive, so it’s difficult to predict the outcomes. I hope no one gets injured, and everyone can make it to Sarajevo,” added Peter Králik.

Tuesday (May 7th)

16:45 Slovakia – Israel

18:00 Czechia – Bulgaria

19:30 Bulgaria – Israel

20:45 Slovakia – Czechia

Wednesday (May 8th)

10:00 Slovakia – Bulgaria

11:15 Israel – Czechia

13:00 Plate final

14:30 Final