EMF Nations Games 2024 in Montenegro

Just a couple of weeks before the EMF EURO 2024, Podgorica, will host the EMF Nations Games 2024. Set to kick off from April 30th to May 1st, this thrilling tournament promises to showcase the very best of the European minifootball. Montenegro, Romania, Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina will meet in some important international matches.

“The EMF Nations Games are still in their infancy as far as EMF competitons go, but they’re an important part under EMF umbrella. After the Euros in 2014 and the Champions League in 2022 in Herceg Novi, we are really proud and happy to organize such a high level event again” said Nemanja Ljumovic, EMF Tournament Committee Chairman.

A Clash of Titans

These four countries are set to fight for the best possible result in Podgorica. Leading the pack is the host nation, Montenegro. This respectable minifootball country is definitely ready to defend their honor on home soil. Opponents need to count with them as Montenegro will be pretty strong with their home fans.

Reigning World Champions, Romania, will definitely arrive with a hunger to extend their dominance on the international minifootball stage. Their well-known skill and tactical finesse make them a force to be reckoned with. It is obvious that they enter the tournament as one of the favorites to clinch the top spot.

On the other hand, Azerbaijan is the current European Champion. We can expect them to bring their own brand of flair and dynamism to the tournament. Speed, agility, and technical ability are perks strongly connected to Azerbaijani minifootball. It’s fair to say that they are another favorite to win in Podgorica.

Completing the quartet is Bosnia and Herzegovina, a nation that will host the EMF EURO 2024 in June. Every single player from Bosnia wants to play there, as it’s the biggest minifootball event of the year. We can expect all players to be determined to upset the odds and emerge victorious against the minifootball giants.

“We started with our league in Podgorica in 2011 and all these years we were thinking that minifootball owe something to our capital city. Now it is a really good opportunity for us to show Podgorica top level minifootball. We will have World Champions, Romania, against European Champions, Azerbaijan. What more can you ask for? But don’t forget, Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina will both be here competing also. 2 amazing minifootball nations with a great history in the sport and I’m pretty sure that these teams have a lot to offer this tournament” added Nemanja Ljumovic.

Match schedule

Tuesday (April 30th)

16:00 Romania – Azerbaijan

17:15 Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina

19:45 Opening Ceremony

20:00 Montenegro – Romania

21:15 Azerbaijan – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wednesday (May 1st)

14:00 Romania – Bosnia and Herzegovina

15:15 Montenegro – Azerbaijan

18:00 Plate final

19:15 Final