EMF to Develop 7aside Across Europe in Cooperation with FIF7

EMF and FIF7 announce a collaboration agreement for the development of 7 a side football in Europe.

The Federation Internationale de Futebol 7 (FIF7), responsible for the organization of 7-a-side football in the world and European Minifootball Federation, the governing body of minifootball football within Europe, have announced a collaboration agreement for the development of 7-a-side football in Europe. The agreement has as an objective to promote joint actions to take the development of the modality to higher levels.

The World Cup for football 7 this year was held in Rome (Italy) and FIF7 had already announced that both World Cups, for clubs and for national teams, would be maintained in Europe for the next season. After the events in Italy, both international organizations agreed upon the fact that a collaboration agreement was fundamental for the development of the sport.

“EMF is one of the most respected sports organization in the world and has very similar objectives to ours for amateur football. Since we started promoting events in Europe, we have been keen on respecting the institution and establishing a dialogue with its representatives. This partnership will generate many benefits for both clubs and athletes in all of Europe. We firmly believe that  knowledge exchange is essential to be able to establish 7 a side football at an even higher level inside the sports industry. We also believe that joint efforts will generate a higher impact within the sports community” stated Hugo Loureiro, CEO for FIF7.

Borislav Alexandrov, EMF president: “EMF has been developing 6-a-side football across Europe with great success from 2012. We know that minifootball isn’t played only in the 6-a-side format, 5,7 and 8-a-side are also very popular and fast growing in many countries. Since FIF7 is the leading 7-a-side international organization we are happy to connect forces with them and cooperate for the development of 7-a-side football in Europe. We believe that this agreement will be a first step in further unification of all small sided football organizations in cooperation with the WMF.”

The international calendars for 6 and 7-a-side football will be released during December, with 3 major 7-a-side events to be held in Europe.