DAY 3 – Return of the Romanian reign

Romania started the day with five teams still in competition. After incredible performances in the last-16 stage and in the quarterfinals – and a decision from the Disciplinary Committee, – the EMF Champions League will see an all-Romanian semi-final stage tomorrow – with Tanzmannschaft Bucuresti, Coriolan Bacau, Juventus Sibiu and MAV Sport Timisoara.

Lomanose – ECECE-Energofish

Hungary’s last team still in the competition was facing local Lomanose in the last-16 phase. The hard-fought and balanced first half ended goalless, before ECECE’s Lászlő Mezőfalvi opened the scoring in the 29th minute of the game. His goal was quickly answered by Slovenina Lomanose, setting the final 1:1 score of the regular time. The locals came out victorious from the emotion penalty shootout that secured a place for them between the last 8 teams.

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Coriolan Bacau – Art Metali Junajted

Coriolan Bacau and Art Metali Junajted both enter the pitch keen to show off their skills in a goal-packed match. It took four goals for the Romanian side to overcome Art Metali Junajted and advance to the next stage.

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Westone3 – Tanzmannschaft Bucuresti

Tanzmannschaft Bucuresti showed off their true strength against the English team. They were leading by two already in the first half, with Stancu Stelian widening the gap even further in the 27th minute. Despite a quick answer one minute later, Westone3 was unable to change the match to their favour; Tanzmannschaft Bucuresti won 5:1.

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Julius Meinl – Danco Pro Bucuresti

The morning didn’t end so well for the other Romanian team. After an emotional 1:1 draw in regular time, Julius Meinl overcame them in a penalty shootout 2:1. With this the Bosnia Herzegovinian team won a place between the best 8 teams.

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KCM 2000 Group Plovdiv – Juventus Sibiu

Juventus Sibiu was off to a dream start when they found themselves leading by two only 5 minutes after the starting whistle. Although their Bulgarian opponent didn’t surrender and managed to equalize by the 24th minute, a red card received by Gudzev Vasil stopped their march. At the end Juventus Sibiu added three more to the score sheet to finalise the 2:5 result.

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FC ECOLUX – Polimark

After a goalless first half, FC ECOLUX quickly grabbed the lead only one minute after the second half started. The Serbian team couldn’t find the equalizer to send the match into a penalty shootout, FC ECOLUX could prepare for their next match in the afternoon, in the quarterfinals.

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ASGuard Security Košice – Valter

ASGuard Security Košice and Valter kept the tension all match long and left the most exciting part until the end: the goals. At the end Valter’s Škatarić Krsto opened the scoring finally in the 40th minute and Mijović Boris closed it in the 41th, setting the final 0:2 score.

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BKMK Werbedesign – MAV Sport Timisoara

The Czech team didn’t break under the pressure of playing against one of the competition’s strongest team, not even when MAV Sport Timisoara was leading with two by the end of the first half. BKMK Werbedesign started the second half better, quickly finding two to equalise. Unfortunately for them, the Romanian team scored twice in four minutes, and the Czech team could only find one answer.

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Lomanose – Coriolan Bacau

The two teams provided their audience an exciting first half, making the result 1:2 by the end of the first 20 minutes. Lomanose’s Jamakovič Amar managed to send the match into penalty shootout with a goal in the 25th minute, but his team couldn’t take advantage of it. Coriolan Bacau secured their place in the semi-finals.

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Tanzmannschaft Bucuresti – Julius Meinl

On a different pitch, other Romanian team Tanzmannscheft Bucuresti proved to be worthy of a place between the best 8 teams as well by winning another penalty shootout, after a 1:1 regular time.

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Juventus Sibiu – FC ECOLUX

According to the decision of the EMF Disciplinary Committee, FC ECOLUX was disqualified from the competition after the match, as three of their players breached the EMF Professional Player definition. Juventus Sibiu automatically qualified to the semi-finals with this decision.

Valter – MAV Sport Timisoara

The two teams finished the equalized match in a goalless manner. In the penalty shootout MAV Sport Timisoara came out victorious, securing a place on tomorrow’s schedule for themselves.

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Semi-finals start at 10 a.m. tomorrow.