Mini4EU kicks of in one week!

The Mini4EU minifootball festival will take place in Székesfehérvár, Hungary next week, and will last 10 days, from the 20th until the 30th of September. During the EU-sponsored large-scale minifootball tournament, over 50 teams from different corners of the continent will showcase their minifootball skills next to the Sóstói Stadium.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Dávid Tibor, President of the European Minifootball Federation stressed that this event is not going to be about the best of the best teams playing against each other, but about the amateurs who play minifootball (sixe-a-side) on a weekly basis. In the first time in minifootball history, teams will not be representing countries or clubs, but they will represent their own city.

The main event will be the the Minifootball Cities Festival will be the Men tournament, but the Mini4EU Festival will also hold competitions for Women teams. It will also have separate tournaments for teams for mentally challenged  or physical disabilities – and a tournament for young players under the age of 23.

The President said that the tournament will be organized within the framework of the EU-supported Erasmus + program, next to the Sóstói Stadium in the grassroots center of MOL Vidi and will celebrate grassroots and mass sports.

The Mini4EU Festival will start on the 20th September with the tournament for the Youngest Teams, those with players born after 1st January 1995. This will be followed by the Minifootball Cities Festival’s qualifiers for Men and Women – 22nd and 23rd of September.

Lajos Nagy, coach of the Hungarian national minifootball team

From the 24th to the 26th, players with disabilities will compete, then on the second weekend (27-29 September),  the Cities Festival’s finals for Men and Women will take place.

On the last day of the month, the Fehérvár Cup will be held, said Lajos Nagy the coach of the Hungarian national minifootball team. This will be organized for companies and social groups based in Székesfehérvár to compete on the fields.