Fehérvár Cup – to bring local communities closer

On the last day of the Mini4EU Festival, the European Minifootball Federation decided to organise the Fehérvár Cup to bring the local community together in football’s and sport’s love.

The Fehérvár Cup aims to create ground for companies, for governmental and non-governmental organizations located in Székesfehérvár or in its surroundings to play minifootball together, to promote well-being, healthy life, sport and themselves as well in the community.

The event’s main coordinator Lajos Nagy, the coach of the Hungarian national minifootball team said they expect twelve teams to participate at the tournament. The teams will be allocated in three groups of four. After the group stage, the eight best teams will qualify to the knock-out stage.

Several teams joining the Fehérvár Cup have already confirmed their participation. The prospective audience and supporters will see the teams of the local Police Station, the local branch of The National Tax and Customs Administration Office, local Disaster Management Directorate, Red Blue Devils Hungary Ultras Videoton (RBD – the supporter group of local football team Videoton) and Videoton FCF’s Friends Association for example. From local companies Videoton Holding, Bericap Hungary and HTM will also be represented at the minifootball tournament.

The Fehérvár Cup will take place on the 30th of September (Sunday).